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artalike_teeshirtJoin In The Fun!

In the near future artalike will be running a club at the Vale Community Center on a fortnightly basis. There will be lots of exciting things like painting and model making but the emphasis will be on longer term projects and creating things over a period of weeks.

Our club is designed to run during school term time and not to interrupt our other classes designed to commence over the school holidays. All details of this is will be available right here once finalised.

If you are interest in registering your child in advance you can contact us and we can email you a membership for to fill out.


 Free ARTaLIKE tee shirt on joining

Once your membership has been approved and finalised your child / children will receive a free Artalike tee shirt as a way of welcoming your child children to our club. You will be asked to supply the size of tee shirt require and will be available on the first day of attendance.


Just some of the things we will be doing…


“Drawing people, animals, landscapes & abstraction”

Face being drawnlets just say we want to be able to draw a person, if you were anything like me growing up i just stuck to the usual “stick men” you know what i mean, the twig arms and legs and the dish face.

Now wouldn’t it be great to break things down into sections, firstly starting from the eyes and nose and homing on these skills before creating a face and so on.  The benefits of having the consistency of coming each week is we can help develop these skills at a leisurely pace which is not possible on a event day.


“Creations in clay”

Grace modelling clayEveryone likes getting there hands dirty in a controlled environment, it brings out the kid in all of us, creating something from scratch and developing new skills also has a therapeutic side to it and nothing fits that description more than working with clay.

We will be helping teach members how to make a vase then paint it, sounds simply in theory

but it will take several weeks to create something to be proud of.



mosaicMulti-Coloured paper and glue, with these simple tools you can create something remarkable,

but this lesson is not about following or duplicating something on show, we aim for everyone to create something unique and personal to themselves.

But it doesn’t end there, we will be using bursa wood to create there very own picture frame to rightfully display there masterpiece at home.



“Kite building”


Making a kite is great fun and simple to do, our aim is to construct a simple frame and use light materials.

If this proves popular and successful later on in the year we may get the whole club to construct a massive dragon.

We are fortunate to be 100 yards away from open land where we can test our accomplishments.