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About Artalike

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Artalike is a not-for-profit company offering Art workshops for children and adults. We are at the forefront of meeting the most vulnerable children and young people at risk.  At this point, we can be very effective in turning around a child’s life through our dedicated work and dedicated artists. Or, we can redirect those who need further expertise help, either educational or emotional.

Our work takes us into all walks of life, encompassing the community as a whole. As well as running art workshops for children and young people, we also run adult workshops and community workshops. Our workshops provide a safe and secure environment for those we work with to express their inner feeling and show their true hidden talent.

Apart from gaining artistic knowledge, our workshops build self confidence and self belief in the individual: it also helps them develop emotionally. Art can benefit the individual by strengthening their motor and language skills, it improves memory, concentration and communication skills. Art is extremely important for people with specific learning needs.

Our dedicated team are there for the individual, to find their hidden talent, to make sure they feel safe, secure, are listened to and feel special.  To us, every child matters, every adult matters, and art matters.

Our team of professional artists and CRB-checked teachers provide creative workshops for schools, after-school Art Clubs, and Saturday clubs, as well as corporate team-building sessions. Some of our workshops are funded offering stimulating and accessible opportunities for all to participate in.

We provide workshops all over London, both in term time and school holidays. These take place at various local venues or ‘in-house’. We are also in the process of bringing our workshop to Africa so we can help the most disadvantaged people in the world.

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. . . a range of creative arts programmes for all ages !



Please contact us for details of funded projects.



Confidence building is key to these sessions which draw on a combination of art and drama to achieve self-expression. For all age groups, these sessions are held in-house, at schools or clubs and in ‘open spaces’.


These sessions are aimed at the Corporate business which wishes to obtain a ‘bonding’ session for their staff. Workshops can be conducted in-house or at our studio. Here the student is encouraged to work with their intuition. Once the ‘ego’ is disarmed, a new fresh and honest image appears in their work. Corporate Art can also create opportunities for their students or clients to exhibit and sell work.