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ECTE ‘Follow Your Star’ Stonebridge Business/Sports Centre 2006

This was a full day of drama/art/dance/Christmas dinner and ceremony awards. Semi professional drama/artists acted out a scene which might have been a common occurrence for immigrants coming to England from the Caribbean, when in 1948 the famous Windrush ship discharged its passengers at Tilbury.

Exhibition 2006 The Stables Art Gallery

ARTTEEN exhibited their first work end of year work and were welcomed at the Brent Arts Council headquarters at the Stables,GladstonePark.

St Stephen’s School Shepherd’s Bush, pupils and staff, 2004/5

STUDENTS Over several workshops with the primary school pupils, a wonderful display of the work created by the children, went on display.  The exhibition ‘Art by Young People’ took place at Hammersmith Town Hall and was opened by the Mayor of Hammersmith & Fulham.

Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College 2004/5

Our brief was to help the pupils towards their GCSEs to produce exciting and innovative work.  We took the ‘figure’ as a starting point.  Here pupils made large drawings on the floor of the model.  The model was a member of the cast from the ‘Cats’ musical.  The pupils were charged with capturing her cat like poses, crouching, prowling and pruning etc., all to
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U_Project – 2005

The art element of this programme set out to introduce the concept that there was no right or wrong way to draw or paint.  The group worked as two teams and prizes were awarded for the individual pieces of work. Participants were from a group of people who were not in education, employment or work placement to gain self-esteem, confidence and skill levels.

Dayspring Saturday School, Stonebridge 2005

The work resulting from these workshops formed part of a travelling exhibition and was taken to at least 3 local schools

Exhibition 2004 WGLC : ‘Blobs and Sausages’

Building on keeping the images painted or drawn, fresh, 4 canvases began with marks of ‘blobs’ and a ‘lengthened blob’.  The children worked in teams of 7 or 8 people to a canvas.  The children worked on white canvases and black canvases.  Over a few workshops, these shapes evolved to form the finished pieces of unified images on the 4 canvases. At this point
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Exhibition 2003 WGLC

The first exhibition was strong on spontaneous, lively images with works demonstrating that there is ‘no right or wrong’ way to paint or draw. Here in this example, the main picture shows a freshness as the images were not rubbed out to be ‘corrected’.  ARTTEEN members are encouraged to improvise and be ‘risk taking’ with their art work. Here in this image of the
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