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HCC Celebrity Day Sept 16th 2012 Hampstead Cricket Club

Last year saw a team of celebrities including actress Emma Thompson and Downton Abbey butler Jim Carter put their batting skills to the best at a charity match to bring the cricket season to an end.

McDonald House Mosaic Sculpture

PROJECT REPORT ARTaLIKE MOSAIC SCULPTURE FOR McDONALD HOUSE   ARTaLIKE and team thank Network Stadium for the opportunity to work with the residents of McDonald House.

Sky is the Limit 2011/12

Funded by John Lyon’s Education This is a series of free community workshops which aim to uplift, give literacy and encourage self expression through art.

Kilburn Consortium for Unity project 2011

The Kilburn Consortium for Unity came together to deliver a community project which would see members of South Kilburnwork together.

ARTaLIKE in partnership with Fix-Up, Stonebridge Primary School

Project ‘Working Together Day Celebrating our Diversity’.  This project gave the opportunity for both children and parents to work together.  Not only did they share and explore ideas together but also learned new skills i.e. drawing, painting and sewing.

St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Junior School, Willesden

Working with the children from this school, time was divided between working at the Brent Artists Gallery and their school.  The work followed the class curriculum and formed a ‘permanent’ display for the children.

Exhibition 2010 Kensal Rise, The Lexi

Work created 2009-2010 32 workshop funded by North West London Community Foundation/Grassroots gave the opportunity for many children to take part in the art workshops.  Our gallery shows the work of 12 of our students.  Images are mostly oil paintings and A3size. The group, ARTTEEN, began their painting season with the subject of Twelfth Night and later, ‘the big feast’.  ARTTEEN joined with the Lexi
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Exhibition 2009 The Stables Art Gallery, ‘Gladstone’

Here again, ARTTEEN followed the Brent Art Drama Group and set up their exhibition with wonderful canvases and oil painted images featuring themes on Dollis Hill House (now demolished) and William Gladstone.

Queens Park Day 2007, September,

The ARTaLIKE stand at the QPD saw ARTTEEN continue with their theme ‘Recycled, All in the Best Possible Taste’ where two ‘life’ size elephant outlines were set up alongside each other.  The aim was for participants to ‘fill up’ with designs, motifs drawings etc until there was no space left within the outline of the elephant. One ‘elephant’ would be for ‘boys’ and the
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Exhibition 2007 June, Queens Park NW6, ‘Recycled, All in the Best Possible Taste’

This Exhibition was sponsored by local businesses.  Art works were all made from recycled items.  Colourful, abstract paintings were painted on to roof tiles, cardboard boxes and 3D artefacts were constructed from items found.